A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

If you love the President, good for you. If you don't, let's have some
fun! If you love shooting the ever living crap out of everyone and
everything without remorse, we have the game for you! Blow the German
Krauts into smithereens on the battlefield and raise the proud American
flag with the Muricah or Annihilate the Alakbas and Kimchis, it has
never been so fun and fulfilling. Ever, period.
This isn't just a game, this is the most exhilarating, graphic and jaw
dropping game where no one is best, and everyone is just a little less
crap. Join the battlefield in one of two teams, 8 real players in total,
4 in each team. Maybe your friends can join in too, if they can look
past the GORE.
Pick a bone with the old World War buddies and recreate the Great War on
the battlefield! But remember, President Trump will be on the great
metal war machine and ready to take your attacks all day long! Sure you
can hit the others on the battlefield, but Trump is your main target,
destroying him means business!
Remember to pick up some ammo on the way, so you have a chance against
the President's mechanical doomsday contraption! There's rifles,
landmines, and shotguns! It's most insensitive way to take the 80 year
old revenge, and it is the most satisfying.
If your idiot butt forgot to pick up that ammo on the way, and your
weapon jams up because you forgot to clean it, press the boost button
and spear the propagandists right in the chest, and take, them, down.
Tanks spawn too sometimes, only when Trump breaths heavily on your neck
really hard, that hardcore killing machine takes down hundreds, even
thousands of the foot soldiers and it is ghoulish!
Don't fall into the trap and join any team they throw you in, choose
which team you want to join first, because, free will, and play your
friends over local Wi-Fi or the internet, it's literally a blast, okay.
The most exciting game to play with your friends! If they're too busy
for your game, grab them by the.. Arm and drag them into the battle
Team death match just got a whole new meaning, have fun with this new
team game, collateral damage is just another way to take down the real
enemy. Get set, get loaded and remember, don't start World War 3.

Install instructions

Just unzip and start the game.


GameOfTrump-mac.zip 140 MB
GameOfTrump.zip 69 MB

Also available on


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Hello, I tried to play multiplayer with a friend of mine but it doesn't work...